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Draw a cat who is extremely happy. Like psychotically happy. The happiest it's ever been.
So, before June or July, I should have the entire first story arc of a comic book written. I'm a writer. That's what I do. If you look at my gallery, you will see that drawing is not my strong suit. 

So, my one option is to find an artist. But I am a temp, and I make minimum wage on most of my assignments, which barely covers food.

I'm done with complaining now. Now I'm going to beg advice. How in the world would I convince anyone to become partners with a complete stranger and put in a lot of work on a risky venture? Are there even sensible, good artists willing to do something that might, in the end, be a Really Bad Decision?

I would be interested to hear from anyone with experience in these matters.

This is NOT a job offer of any sort, and if I've miscategorized it, I'm sorry to the staff for being a fool.
It's been months since I've been here. Months since I logged in. Months since I admired the handiwork of my fellow human beings on this little website.

It's been longer since I've drawn anything worthwhile. My tablet is, in fact, sitting in the pawn shop. A glorious $400 piece of technology pawned for a fifty dollar loan. That's where my life is. In more depth, a glorious $400 piece of technology I haven't touched since January '13 because I ran off from my psychotic boyfriend to a new one who won't ever let me have time to do things. That's a bit closer to where my life is.

It hasn't been as long since I wrote something, which was in December, when I produced in a single night an entire first issue script of a comic I've been toying with in my head a while. I have yet to complete issue 2, but I will. I hope. Maybe. Life's been uncomfortable and not conducive to writing. I suppose that's something I need to overcome as a creative person.

But oh, deviantART, I am tired. I walked out on my old job because of various bullshit, and unemployment is tiring. I got a new job now, but it's small and slow and minimum wage and I'm so tired. I'm working with the public again, which is nice, because I love, honestly, the customers. What other job can you have where you can possibly induce someone to smile when they're having a shit day, and not the same shit day as you're having? Obviously comedy or acting, but retail is nice too, in that way. Making somebody smile because you know the exact goofiest thing to say at the exact goofiest moment... there is little better in life. Except lots of money, or full socialism, maybe. 

Not much else to speak of, I guess. Eh.

People have been b& since I last posted, but I thought I saw one of them reposted on best vines via my boyfriend's facebook. Such is life, I can't even ask if it was really her, as she is totes b& now. Shit happens.


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I was born at some point, and then I lived some years in between then and now, during which I did things, and other things just sort of happened, sometimes relating to the things I did, other times not so much. My plans for the future include continuing living for some more years, doing some more things, having other things just sort of happen, and writing sarcastically obvious biographies.

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